• QA Training

    Do you want to prepare your personnel for software testing? We tailor our training and workshops to your project requirements and the level of knowledge of individual participants. On request, all training can be carried out on your premises in the form of in-house seminars. Training dates are individually coordinated to suit your circumstances.

    Our programme includes the following training in the field of load and performance testing:

    • Conducting load and performance tests using Borland Silk Performer (4 days)
    • “Load testing simulation game” workshop (4 days)

    In the pipeline:

    • Workshop: “A general approach to planning and conducting load tests”
    • Conducting load tests using the open source JMeter application
    • Conducting load tests using Hewlett-Packard LoadRunner

    Are you interested in training? Please send your enquiry to: academy@q-sit.de