• Thanks to our experience of customs matters, transport and logistics, we are able to offer clients expertise that entirely meets their particular requirements. Our expertise covers all matters involved in customs management. With professional guidance, we can guarantee rapid and secure processes – Your shipments will pass through customs borders smoothly and reliably, in a timely manner.


    We offer the following services:


    · ATA Carnets (trade fairs, exhibitions, professional equipment)

    · TIR Carnets

    · Obtaining supplier declarations for motor vehicles

    · Producing preference documents (ATR, EUR1, T2L, T2LF)

    · Obtaining certificates of origin (CO)

    · Export declarations for motor vehicles

    · Outward processing (OP)

    · Temporary export

    · Transit procedures (NCTS)


    Please contact us by phone on +49 151 26717555 or by E-Mail alfonso.reitenspiess@q-sit.de.